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Road Biking

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  Road Biking
Central Washington has hundreds of miles of nice roads: PERFECT for bike riding. Whether you enjoy commuting on a bicycle, or doing a road race, Central Washington has something just for you. Check out the list below for great road rides to try on your own or with a friend!

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Bicycle Friendly Community
The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Ellensburg as a Bicycle Friendly Community. Ellensburg received a Silver Level award, joining only 73 others that have been so recognized across the country. The award recognizes Ellensburg's commitment to bicycling through bike promotion, education, infrastructure and pro-bicycling policies.
Badger Pocket Loop
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Badger Pocket Loop sends you along some great views of the countryside that are seldom seen. The trail begins behind Central Washington University at the corner of 18th Ave. and D Street. It heads out Walnut, which becomes Airport Road, and then drops down into a great farmland ride.

Once you get on Game Farm Road the riding is flat with plenty of picturesque farmland and great old barns.  Once you get to the end of Lyons Road the road starts to rise to a glimpse of the Wild Horse Wind Farm. At the end of Park Creek you start to get into sagebrush and more desert like terrain.  Once you get onto Stephens Road you start to climb, winding through the Badger Pocket hills. Eventually the road passes under the I-90 freeway and follows along that path for a short distance. When you finally get to the top of the rise, you get a glimpse of the Stewart Range looming in the distance. The road then drops down into sweeping farmland, passing Little Badger and Badger Pocket Roads, eventually dropping you on Sorenson where the road becomes flat and straight again. The ride zig zags along past hay barns, farm houses and old mills, giving you more of the taste of this valley.  Once you reach Tjossem Road the route straightens out and eventually drops you onto Old #6 road and back to CWU.

This is not a ride to miss if you want to experience Ellensburg's great country scenery!

Double Loop Cemetery Road Ride
Ellensburg, WA 98926
This is a fun one, even if you are just taking a break while you are here in town for an afternoon.  This one begins at the West Ellensburg Rotary Park west of Ellensburg. It follows the trail behind the park, past Irene Rinehart Park and pops out onto Umtantum Road near the Yakima River. Immediately you take a right on Brown Road and head past a farmhouse that has been restored like an old 1950's gas station. The road zig zags through the farm homes with an amazing view of Ellensburg on the right and the Stewart's in the distance.

You can take a shortcut at Burns Road if you don't have as much time, but keep heading straight if you want the full meal deal! Before too long you take a hard left onto Hansen Road and follow that along the route until you reach Cove Road. There you take a right and head towards some amazing views of the Stewart Range and the wind farm north of town. There is a slight climb and at the top have an amazing view of the valley. Head down the hill to Robinson Canyon Road and begin the climb up the hill. You pass the High Valley cemetery on right which has graves dating back to 1888.

Robinson Canyon Road eventually turns into Killmore at the top of this hill and then wonders back and forth down the hill towards Thorp, past Thorp Cemetery Road. you will see that again later. You head over the I-90 freeway passing the fruit stand on the right. In Thorp you will ride by the riding arena, Thorp School, and the Thorp Grist Mill. Once you take a left on Taneum you head up a steep hill past the Springwood Ranch and drop into a pristine little valley just before it passes under the freeway. This time you take a left of Thorp Cemetery Road where you will pass miles of farm land and back to Thorp Hwy Road. Stay on this route, past the golf course, until you end up on Brown Road again heading toward your final destination. This is a sweet little figure 8 ride that is well worth the effort!

Look Loop
Ellensburg, WA 98926
  • From the CWU parking lot at the corner of 18th Ave. and D Street in Ellensburg, take a right on 18th Ave. 
  • Take a left on North Walnut, which becomes Airport Road. 
  • Then teke a right on Sanders. Follow it until you reach Look and take a left.
  • Then a right on Brick Mill Road. 
  • Follow Brick Mill until it ends, and take a right on Venture. 
  • Thake a right on Lyons, then a left on Naneum, and finally a right on Game Farm Road. 
  • Follow Game Farm until it ends, take a right on Brick Road until it turns into Sanders and returns to the parking lot.

A map is available at the Ellensburg Recycle Bicycle Shop.

Manastash Metric Bike Ride
Cle Elum, WA 98922
On the first Saturday of every October the Manastash Metric Century/Half Metric Century ride is held in the Kittitas Valley. This is a fun filled, challenging and scenic ride that almost always has beautiful fall weather. Travel the scenic west side of the valley to Cle Elum and then return along the magnificent Yakima River, or turn off half-way for the alternate 50 kilometer ride. Both of which are unique in their own right. The event is kicked off at the West Ellensburg Rotary Park fields and then begins a 62 miles trek to Cle Elum. The 33 mile ride to Thorp is also available depending on your skill level and bike ride desires. Both are well supported rides with rest stops along the route.

The Cle Elum Loop
This ride takes you from Ellensburg to Cle Elum on a 61 mile loop.  It loops through the back roads of Ellensburg and Cle Elum through some of the most majestic countryside of Central Washington.  This popular ride travels through a wide variety of terrain, from Ellensburg's rolling countryside to Cle Elum's forested byways.  Starting near Central Washington University's campus it travels up Hwy 10 into some very beautiful but rugged topography.  The loop then follows Hwy 940 dropping into Cle Elum where it passes through this 128 year old historic mining town. It then continues onto Taneum road and follows Peoh road through Thorp prairie and then finally past Thorp Road cemetery back into Ellensburg.


  • From the CWU parking lot at 18th Ave. and D Street, take a left onto D Street.
  • Take a right on Dean Nicholson Blvd/14th Street. 
  • Take a right on Water and then a left on 15th Street. 
  • From there take a right and continue to Dry Creek.
  • Follow Dry Creek until the intersection with Hwy 97.
  • Jog right on Hwy 97 and take an immediate left onto McManamy.
  • Follow McManamy until it ends at Hwy 10 and take a right onto the highway.
  • Follow hwy 10 approximately 14.5 miles until it intersects with Hwy 970 and take a left and then an immediate right onto Materson/Airport road.
  • Follow Airport Road around to the left until it ends.
  • At the intersection with Hwy 903/1st Ave, take a right.
  • Follow 1st Ave. through downtown Cle Elum, and take a left on S. Cle Elum Way.
  • Follow that under I-90 and S. Cle Elum Way will turn into 4th Ave, and then back into S. Cle Elum Way. 
  • From here take a left on Lower Peoh Point, and then a right on Upper Peoh Point road.
  • Follow upper Peoh Point until it goes under I-90 again and then turns into Thorp Prarie.
  • Continue on Thorp parie from approximately 7.5 miles and take a left on Taneum Road. 
  • Take a right on North Thorp Hwy. Continue over I-90 and onto S. Thorp Hwy.
  • Take a right on Cove Road. Take a left on Hanson.
  • Take a right on Brown, and after 1.8 miles, teke another left to stay on Brown. 
  • Take a left onto Umptanum, left on Anderson until you reach 5th Ave. and take a right.
  • Take a left on Water, a right on 14th, left on D street and back to the parking lot.

This ride is not to be missed if you are planning to experience the road biking routes of the Central Washington area.

A map can be picked up at the Ellensburg Recycle Bicycle Shop.

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