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Central Washington is jam-packed with coal mining, railroad, timber, agriculture, education and many more intriguing topics. Visit a wide variety of museums and historical sites that have emerged to pay tribute to these topics. Countless captivating stories, rich cultural backgrounds and intriguing historic sites can be found in Central Washington. Discover Central Washington's history today!

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Roslyn Museum (#780)
203 W. Pennsylvania Ave.
Roslyn, WA 98941
With the closure of the coal mines in the early 1960s, Frank Musso felt a need to preserve the history that had shaped Roslyn. His efforts inspired other citizens to be interested and the result was the Roslyn Museum, created in 1969 under his supervision.  Today the museum is administered by the Roslyn Museum Board with President Scott Templin and staffed by our wonderful volunteers.

The museum is a reflection of Roslyn, it's tenacity, love of life and the richly seasoned ethnic mix that once represented more than 20 nationalities, and still does in the genealogy of it's inhabitants and former residents. Coal became the common denominator overcoming language barriers, various ideologies and diverse cultures.  The result was and still remains a way of life unique to company towns.
Roslyn Cemetery (#788)
Memorial Street
Roslyn, WA 98922
It would be hard to find a cemetery with more historical significance in the state of Washington other than the Roslyn Cemetery.  During the coal mining era, settlers of all nationalities lived in and around this small town.  The Roslyn Cemetery is a local treasure and a historical snapshot of life in the late 1800's. It consists of 26 separate cemeteries, many of them individually ethnic. There are five thousand-plus graves which represent 24 nationalities that once lived there. Roslyn's cemetery is an excellent physical reminder of America's melting pot heritage.

A map of the cemeteries can be accessed by going to: http://www.mrail.net/data/cemete/wash/kittitas/roslyn/roslyn_map.htm

"The Brick" Saloon (#789)
100 W Pennsylvania Ave
Roslyn, WA 98941
Step back in time when you walk through the front doors of The Brick Tavern. The bar was built at 100 Pennsylvania Street in Roslyn, in the late 1800's, out of 45,000 bricks and took the name The Brick. It is now the oldest continuously operating tavern in Washington State. The exterior of the building has been used for numerous film shots of several movies and TV shows, as well as in the television show Northern Exposure.

The bar still has a running-water spittoon and downstairs is even a jail cell, an old tunnel used during prohibition and head stones!

The Brick has live music on weekends and is a great local hang out as well as a great place for visitors to the area.


Monday through Thursday 11:30 AM - Close
Friday 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 2:00 AM
Sunday 11:00 AM - Close
Kitchen open until 9:00 PM


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