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Answer the questions below to find out the
Color of Your Personality!

#1 You've spent the day adventuring around Central WA, where are you headed to get a good night sleep?

  • A hotel with a great outdoor lounge.

  • A room with an awesome view.

  • Camping, fireside under the stars.

  • Someplace with a pool!

#2 Your friend just called you to take a spontaneous trip to Central WA. You have time to grab one thing, what would you grab?

  • A champagne bottle to celebrate!

  • Your sketchpad to draw the adventures you go on.

  • Your reliable hiking boots that fit your feet perfectly.

  • Your pet, to be your travel buddy!

#3 You just rolled into town, you've been dying to visit…

  • The hip bar that serves your favorite wine.

  • A new art gallery downtown.

  • A new hike that you've been dying to conquer.

  • The nearest sit-down coffee house.

#4 You're at a new restaurant in Central WA and you're next to order, quick, what do you get?

  • An appetizer to share.

  • Something I've never tried before.

  • Something organic and fresh.

  • French fries for the whole table.

#5 When's your favorite time of the year to travel?
  • Summer, because the days become shorter and the nights become longer!

  • The winter, because everything is better in a winter wonderland.

  • Fall, when the weather's perfect.

  • Spring, because it's a new beginning.

#6 My favorite subject to photograph while I'm traveling is...

  • My friends, doing their favorite activities.

  • The towns coolest murals.

  • Landscapes, sunsets, and anything outdoors.

  • My family spending time together.

#7 What type of a restaurant is a "must try" when you're traveling

  • Anywhere with a bar.

  • The one with the coolest architecture.

  • Anywhere with a patio.

  • The one with the best burger review!


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